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Lock and Load Transport is committed to bringing innovatively safer quality products to the market. Innovations such as fluorescent and reflective stitching for night use, retractable tie-downs to prevent unravelling, comfortable yet cut-resistant safety gloves, and many more safety-oriented products.


They believe that there are too many cheap and nasty products in the market and want their customers to know that cheap products generally offer poor quality and often cause unexpected damage to their assets.


Lock and Load Transport are educating their customers and showing them how to create longevity of their assets by using our quality product range.


With supporting documents along with full educational videos showing correct installation and operational procedures, the customer will have the best experience possible using these products.


This kit includes heavy-duty fluorescent webbed straps with 'E' fittings designed to slot into wheel chocks, ideal for vehicles with standard clearance height.


Wheel Chock Kit includes 4 Wheel Chocks and 2 x 50mm x 1.8m Lock and Load Heavy Duty Transport Straps with E-Clips. Total Lashing Capacity 2000kg. This kit also includes  2 x retractable ratchets 25mm x 3.6m - 340kg capacity.


NOT always suitable for lowered cars.

Lock & Load Tie Down System
Lock & Load Transport System


The Lock and Load Ultimate Retractable Ratchet Strap turns loading and unloading into a faster, smoother exercise.


These straps retract into the spool so there are no loose ends. Each pack includes two retractable straps with reflective webbing, perfect for night use.


This retractable ratchet features a 25mm x 3.6m strap length with a 340kg lashing capacity.


If you are after a higher lashing capacity keep an eye out for our new heavy-duty ratchet which offers a strap length of  50mm x 3.6m and a massive 750kg lashing capacity -RW16

Lock & Load Ratchet Straps
Lock & Load Ratchet Straps