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Founded in the 70’s Autosafe set itself to be Leaders in the development of Occupant Protection Systems committed to providing world class Motor Vehicle Occupant Protection Products.

Their dedication to continuous improvement and extensive on-going program of development and testing has enabled them to stay at the forefront of the Industry with new product development on new model vehicles.

You can utilize the online configurator to get a better idea of what you need for your ideal setup.  


The Cube Van Shelving System By Autosafe

What Autosafe have determined from shelving systems available in the market is that they are either functional or aesthetically pleasing but rarely are these two important features combined in one system. With CUBE by Autosafe, they have developed a great looking, cost effective shelving system that is functional, attractive, easy to fit and serviceable.


Why CUBE? A Cube is an object that is modular and functional, you can make many things out of a cube, they stack easy etc. Our new shelving is just that, shelf spacing, shelf heights, shelf angles, accessory mounts etc. can all be changed with a simple Allen key. The Van Drawer Units also make a great complimentary accessory.


Fully certified and crash tested. The Autosafe CUBE Shelving range is designed for all customers, our resellers, fitters and most importantly the end-user. It is cost-effective, simple and quick to fit and very serviceable for trade operators. In effect, Autosafe CUBE Shelving aligns with our motto ‘make it easy’.


Being efficient and organized has never been easier with Autosafe’s new range of Drawer Units. 

AutoSafe Van Drawer Units

Designed and manufactured to last the distance, they are made from quality 2.0mm powder-coated steel with a load capacity of 150kg thanks to Autosafe's unique specially designed heavy-duty roller bearing system. 


This superior smooth action design enables the Operator 100% usable and accessible drawer space.

AutoSafe Van Drawer Units

Durable to withstand the harshest environments and backed by our 4 year warranty, these Drawer Units will provide many years of trouble free operation.


CNC Cut Interior Van Protection Lining Kits

AutoSafe Internal Lining Kits

Autosafe’s CNC cut, internal lining kits for vans offer protection from everyday wear-and-tear that depreciates the resale value of the vehicle.


Most Vans available on the market now are not usually equipped with adequate internal side wall lining leaving the outside bodywork exposed to the risk of damage from shifting loads.

AutoSafe Internal Lining Kits

The CNC cut Protection Kits come complete with 7mm Marine Ply Walls. MDF, Marine Ply and Non-Slip flooring can be ordered separately if required.

The Floor panel joins are rebated with an aluminium strip inserted (tongue & groove) to ensure that the boards fit together level, to provide a smooth working surface for easy Cargo Storage

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