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Tradesman Roof Racks can build you a roof rack that works for what you need.


Through our unique custom roof rack approach, we can make your roof rack a reliable investment that lasts for many years to come.


Tradesman has two store locations in Australia, one in Bayswater Victoria, where our manufacturing is based and the second in Prestons Sydney.

Tradesman roof racks truly consider themselves the tradie roof rack specialists with over 40 years experience and are currently one of the last manufacturers of heavy-duty roof racks manufacturing in Australia.



Built to last, you will get full load rating on and off-road, and you can be sure that your rack will always be working for you, even when you don't feel like it!

Fit for purpose, you can count on custom roof racks that fit your vehicle and the task at hand, for your work environment, and that it will work just as hard on the weekend!

Let's face it, nobody likes a noisy roof rack, and that is why we have spent more than 40 years refining our wind deflector technology, making your ride a quieter one!


Although our name is Tradesman Roof Racks, we also specialise in off-road applications.


With over 40 years of experience in getting people around Australia and back, we believe we can help you with your ultimate holiday.

Whether it be building an ultra-strong roof rack or adapting it to suit all your roof rack accessories to optimise the space on your vehicle, we can help.

Many of our customers have requested to fit specific accessories to their roof rack. Tradesman offers the following accessories that suit our standard racks.

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