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RSi provides a range of canopy solutions to suit the leisure enthusiast.

Their canopies are made from Automotive Grade Stainless, a superior material to Fiberglass & Aluminum.

With features and benefits that will make your next adventure a breeze.

A wide range of modular accessories are available for added functionality.


Australia's only Stainless Steel Canopy just had an upgrade

Ford Ranger RSI Evo Canopy

New Sleek Profile (Angled Rear)
Flush Mounted Tinted Sliding Windows
Colour Matched Paintwork
Black Doors to match the vehicle windows

Ford Ranger RSI Evo Canopy

Rear Brake Light
Roof Rails (Compatible with M8 Bolts)
Filtered Air Vent For Positive Air Pressure
Windows Front (Sliding) and Rear (Fixed)
350kg Roof Capacity


Toyota Hilux RSI TUV Canopy

Colour Matched
409 Automotive Stainless Steel
From 85kg
350kg Static  Roof Capacity
Tri-Seal Technology

Mitsubishi Triton RSI TUV Canopy


Automotive Stainless Steel

The RSI Tray Canopy is versatile, rugged and designed for the most adventurous. From its inception it have been  designed for over-landing, camping and off road exploration. 

RSI Ute Tray Canopies are ergonomically designed to ensure your tools or recreational gear is readily available.  Superior access  is gained from the large side doors. The internal space can be equipped  with a range of storage solutions such as: Fridge slides, Draws and shelving.

RSI UTE Tray and Canopy

Derived from extensive testing and customer feedback, RSi have listened to their customer's requests throughout the build process. To eliminate unwanted wind drag the canopies roofline is aerodynamic promotes excellent fuel efficiency.

RSI UTE Tray & Canopy

409 Automotive Stainless Steel
Matte Black Automotive Paint
2 x Large Gull Wing Doors
Automotive Seals
Compression T-handle Locks
Sleek Design


It is forged from Automotive Stainless Steel making it equal parts strong and anti-corrosive to ensure the construction is rust free. 

Pushing the boundaries of design and continuing to raise the industry benchmarks. The RSI Smart Tray is a sleek lightweight painted package design to compliment your vehicle.

RSI Smart Tray

The RSI SMART TRAY is designed to complement your vehicle adding some much needed style compared with your typical tradesman ute tray. Don’t be fooled by its sleek lines, this Ute tray is built tough seriously tough and will add a whole new level of practicality and organisation your Ute. 

RSI Smart Tray

LED Tail Lights 
Weather-Sealed Trundle Drawer
2K Aerocure Automotive Paint Finish
Under Tray Storage boxes (Behind Wheels) 
Rear Window Mesh Protection 
LED Number Plate Lights


RSi provides lots of options for those looking to kit out larger American built pickup trucks

Ford F Truck RSI Canopy
Jeep Gladiator RSI Canopy
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