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The 4WD storage specialists of premium storage drawer systems.

Whether you're a caravaner, weekend camper or setting up for that long trip, OffRoad Systems has designs to suit any application, including drawer systems with integrated stainless steel water tanks, Cargo barriers, & portable fridges & fridge slides to suit most models, right up to the Waeco 80 & 110 litre.


The ORS Standard 2 Drawer System comprise of 2 drawers, side by side. This system is excellent for those that don't wish to drastically change the usability of the vehicle from a day to day basis. You can see that the deck area is much more useable, now that the drawer system has covered both the wheel arches. This gives much more space for loading luggage or groceries & is perfect for delicate objects as there are no bolt heads or hinge knuckles etc. protruding. The real bonus is, you can have your drawers full of those "must carry in the car" items & still have full use of a larger deck space than you originally had.
We are also the only company on the market to offer a choice of aluminium of galvanized steel drawers. Most offer only steel, some offer aluminium, but only OffRoad Systems offers the same system in both materials.
A fridge slide can be mounted easily on the top for those weekends away & removed again when not in use.


The drawer frames are all computer punched and folded to very strict tolerances. This ensures every set of drawers is perfectly square, runs true and is free from weak spots. The design of the frame gives the system ample strength whilst remaining light weight.

With a high strength contact glue the carpet is stuck to the panel, folded around the panel and trimmed to give a perfect finish. This method stops daggy overhangs that pre moulded carpet can tend to give. The carpet is unaffected by water, is easy to clean and is outstandingly tough.




Offroad Systems take pride in the fact that they were the first to use a stack of drawers and a fridge to the side.

We called it a 'Fridgepack'. It saves alot of space and it's tidy.

Fridge owners will love these systems because it brings the fridge down to your level. No more struggling to get a peek over the top of your fridge.

It also keeps your fridge running more efficiently, due to it being out of direct sunlight, therefore keeping it naturally cooler and therefore less load on your fridge and your 12 volt system.

Our Fridgepacks are so versatile, you can have 1, 2 or even 3 drawers with varying depths to suit your every need.

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