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70 Years Strong – We Know Towing

The humble tow bar is an everyday item that many Australians fit onto their cars. As part of our active lifestyles, we use them almost daily for both work and pleasure. Behind that shiny tow ball, is a multimillion-dollar industry with one brand, in particular, standing out as a market leader.

In the late 1940's a friend asked Eric Hayman to build him a tow bar to tow his newly acquired caravan. Eric however built two, one for his friend and another which he quickly sold at a country agricultural show. He could not have dreamed that it would be the first step towards building an Australian icon.


X-Bar. Built for tough off-road action.

Maximum Clearance
X-Bar sits higher on the vehicle, up to 100 mm vertically, offering improved departure angles of 5 degrees compared with OEM and other aftermarket towers. *

Recovery Rated
X-Bar provides a purpose designed and rated rear vehicle recovery system encompassed in a fully Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliant towbar and is rated to 8,000 kg. 

Superior Strength
X-Bar features increased thickness side arms for better rigidity, custom forged 700-grade steel recovery points, and high-tensile Australian Standard Grade 10.9 fasteners. 


Twin protected trailer socket mount points (7 or 12 pin flat & Anderson plug)

Full ADR compliance, allowing for a 50mm height increase from suspension or tyre upgrades

SmartPin™ hitch pin with integrated anti-rattle feature
Maximum vehicle towing capacity across all fitments

Comes complete with:

o    Hayman Reese vehicle specific SmartClick™ wiring harness
o    Flat sided superior finish tow ball
o    Rated D shackles
o    Metalshield™, Hayman Reese’s premium eCoat & powder-coat finish
o    Tested to Australian Standards AS/4177 and ADR 62/02 in a NATA accredited laboratory
o    Tested to industry standards for Static Overload, Durability and Recovery Overload.

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