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WIth it's South African heritage The Bush Company has high quality, practicality and durability at the core of all of its 4WD and Outdoor products.


As with all of The Bush Company’s products our awnings are manufactured in South Africa to the highest standards and rigorously tested to ensure that they meet our exacting requirements. The 270 Gull Wing and 270 XT Awnings offer great shade coverage, while the 270 XT MAX provide truly epic shade coverage.  All of  these awnings are some of the easiest awnings to set up and pack down.  The 270 Gull Wing is free standing but requires poles in wind , whereas the 270 XT and 270 XT MAX Awnings are fully free standing in even strong wind conditions. The Bag Awning offers the flexibility to quickly attach the awning when you need it and leave it set up when you detach it from your vehicle.

The 270 XT™ Awning sets new benchmarks  for a free standing shade awning in terms of overall strength, wind resistance and durability.  

The awning is 2.3m in length, weighs only 27.8Kg and can easily fixed to most roof racks or heavy duty load bars using our Heavy Duty L Brackets (2 adjustable heavy duty brackets included with the awning) or to our Clamshell Roof Top Tents using the appropriate awning to tent bracket (sold separately).  

The 270 XT™ Awning provides an incredible 8sqm (86sqft) of shade around your 4WD for you to set up your camp kitchen, swags or just a shaded seating/chill out area.

The awning can easily be set up by one person in about 30 seconds and the pack down is just as simple.

Around the inside edge of the awning is a 50mm thick velcro strip which can be used to attach the optional awning walls enabling you to fully enclose the area to provide protection from the elements or additional privacy.



he AX27™ Clamshell Rooftop Tent is the next stage in the evolution of The Bush Company’s industry leading ALPHA rooftop tent.


Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the AX27™ brings together The Bush Company’s many years of experience in aluminium fabrication.


From The Bush Company’s first hand experience in touring/camping the AX27™ is an innovative product that sets new benchmarks in quality, practicality and reliability.


Industry leading features include an extruded and welded  aluminium alloy frame, a full double layered canvas skin, a large rainfly at sides and rear, full length roof mounting rails, plus the convenience of setting up/packing down in under 90 seconds.

Whether you are looking for your first rooftop tent or upgrading your existing setup, the AX27™ Clamshell Roof Top has a number of unique features that will leave you knowing that you made the right choice.

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