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Aluminium Ute Trays suitable for every vehicle.


For more than 20 years, Rolloc Industries has been supplying vehicle owners with high-quality ute accessories.

We are known for our premium products that can always be depended on.

Our customers keep using our canopies, toolboxes and other accessories because they know our products are designed to outlast the vehicle they are fitted to. 

Heavy duty aluminium Ute trays fitted to suit a wide range of vehicles.

Featuring a 3" Mandrel bent headboard with security mesh welded in to protect your rear window.

Tray Sizes Available:

  • 1650L X 1850W

  • 1800L X 1850W

  • 2100L X 1850W

  • 2400L X 1850W     


Standard Inclusions:
285 high removable sides.
Tail light protectors.
Maxilamp LED tail lights.
Heavy duty rope rails.
Mud flaps and guards.
Refitting of camera and reverse sensors on most vehicles. 

Optional Extras:
Powder coat, any colour available.
Under tray drawer
Under tray rope boxes
Flared one piece guards to suit wider wheel track
Removable rear ladder rack 3" to match headboard.
40L poly water tank
Huge range of toolboxes and canopies    



Durable and Dependable

The premium flat plate model is designed to be the toughest of our range, made from 2.5mm flat aluminium for a smooth finish look.


Built with deeper roof ribbing and fully reinforced floor for maximum rigidity.


All flat plates are built to be jackoff compatible so the floor is built with welded in ribbing and jacking points come as standard.


These are fitted with the rolloc whale tail style lock which is much more heavy-duty, smoother to use and better looking than the T locks design.


Flat plate comes as mill finish or white powder coated as a standard item.


Custom powder coating to your choice of colour is also available.

Sizes Available:

1800x1800x860 to suit dual cab

2100x1800x860 to suit space cab

2400x1800x860 to suit single cab



Staged Locking
This allows the drawer to be locked open at various stages, including a full open and full closed lock, giving that extra security so the drawer can’t come out, but more so the operator can work out of the drawer e.g. for a machinery service vehicle. This stops the drawer sliding in and out when on a slope.


Custom Size
Although we have the largest range of sizes, some customers need the drawer to fit in a certain gap that they have on their tray. Most commonly, this is just an alteration of the length but we can also customise height and width if needed.


Dust Proofing
Our drawers can be built to be fully enclosed to stop the dust from entering the drawer unit easily when closed. This is required by customers who spend time in dusty environments like mines, farms, dirt roads, etc. They can also be made with a lid on the top of the drawer to provide further security with an extra lock and protection from the elements.

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