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Australia’s first and only Electric Roll top

It’s a bold statement but we have the facts to back it up. HSP pioneered the electric roller cover in Australia, being the first to introduce a fully electric ute roller shutter into the Australian market with the ability to do ladder racks, crossbars and retain sports bars but that was in 2015 and while there may be other covers that offer what we did over half a decade ago, we can safely say that the Roll R Cover Series 3 has reset the benchmark.  

HSP Logo PNG.png

Wizard 4x4 is an Official Partner of HSP 4X4 Accessories

HSP products are designed to be a solution to the needs of all utility vehicle users, whether it be commercial or recreational.

Many HSP products are considered a ‘world’ first in design and commercial applications. The main focus of Australian HSP products is to increase a vehicle’s potential whilst also enhancing the visual appearance. 

Trust that when you buy HSP products and HSP ute lids that you are investing in the best auto parts on the market.

We are proud of the exceptional design and manufacturing standards that HSP maintains across the entire range and this is why we supply and recommend their products to our customers.

The worlds most advanced retractable cover, packed with patented features, makes it look incredible, also work with your factory sports bar, your factory remote, even your mobile phone.

The Roll R cover is the only 100% Australian made roll top, designed and tested locally all by a 100% Australian owned company.


The HSP Roll R Cover gives you three methods of operation.

Your factory remote, yes that’s right your existing factory remote automatically controls the unit

A smart touchpad. Built into our super-sleek side rails, which allows you to open and close the unit with an effortless tap. And for security, the touchpad only works when your vehicle is unlocked.

Mobile Phone Application and SIRI integration: Simply download the HSP 4×4 App on your iPhone or Android device to control your roll top. Plus a bonus for Apple users and it even works your iWatch and Air pods with Siri integration.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior, the ultimate handyman or just a ute lover we made sure that our roll r cover works for you. With the ability to retain your sports bars, ladder racks or cross bars the HSP electric roller cover truly allows you to customise your tub.

The Series three Roll R Cover has the smallest ‘full retraction’ cover of any electric roll top we have come across. With a 25% reduction in canister size compared to our series three we have ensured that your precious tub real estate is maximised. Additionally, unlike most sneaky roll tops on the market which have 10-15cms of their curtain permanently sticking out of the canister the HSP curtain goes the full way in, giving you the ability to load in and out easier.


Your tools are your livelihood so the HSP Roll Top is there to give you protection like no other.

Let’s start with electronics, the smart touchpad only works when your vehicle is unlocked.

Moving onto the exterior we have no physical handles so there is no way of breaking a handle and of course, on the inside the aluminium slats are completely interlocking, so unlike the competitor’s videos you have seen online, you can’t run a knife through the middle of the HSP Roll R Cover

Water issues are a thing of the past.. The HSP Roll R Cover has a 6 point water flow system that drains at 60 litres per minute out of two oversized drainage points. Additionally, a full-length gutter system and custom-designed seals ensure your tools and belongings are kept nice and dry from rain



Simply the most advanced hard lid on the market

The HSP premium range of hard lids are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology. Unlike other hard lids on the market, HSP Premium Lids have a specific shape custom-designed to enhance your vehicle.

Hate using keys? So do we, All HSP Premium hardcovers come with a central locking option giving peace of mind so you know that when your car is locked, so is your lid. The central locking works off your factory remote, interior switch and proximity door button.

Love using keys? No problems! All premium lids have a single handle double point manual lock standard and you can have peace of mind knowing our central locking upgrades can be added any time.

Mitsubishi Triton HSP Hard Lid

HSP Premium Lids can be removed in 60 seconds using our advanced pin system hinges and quick plug wiring. Perfect for when you need to carry larger items.

All Premium HSP Hardlids have deeper channels on the infills to support water protection (on average twice as deep as any of our competitors). We also use twin seals on water prone areas and a specific design on the hard lid that naturally allows water to flow off. 

Nissan Navara HSP Hard Lid


A Purpose-Built Cargo Solution

The HSP Load Slide is a purpose-built retractable bed slide. Each unit has an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to your specific vehicle and is designed to give better access and management of your cargo

Sick of hurting your knees from climbing in and out of your tub?Shoulder and back pains from awkwardly having to put your load in and out of your tub?Say no more, the HSP Loadslide is designed to combat just that and a lot more!

The HSP Load Slide is a purpose-built retractable bed slide. Each unit has an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to your specific vehicle and is designed to give better access and management of your cargo.

Coupling advanced engineering with quality heavy-duty materials has allowed the Load Slide to handle up to 250kg of dispersed weight when fully extended.

Ford Ranger Raptor HSP LoadSlide

One size fits all is for baseball caps and shortcut products. Your vehicle is individual and so is our platform. Using advance CNC routing machines, The HSP Load Slide is completely custom cut to suit your specific vehicle so there is no space wasted. 

The HSP Load slide has multiple latching positions every 20 centimetres allowing the user to stop and latch the load slide by simply letting go of the handle.

HSP LoadSlide


Giving Peace of Mind for Tail Gate Security

Sleep easy knowing that when your car is locked so it your tailgate. The HSP Tail Lock is a truly revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tailgate with you existing vehicle remote.

Sleep easy knowing that when your car is locked so is your tailgate. The HSP Tail Lock is a truly revolutionary product allowing you to sync your tailgate with you existing vehicle remote.

The Tail lock tailgate central locking by HSP is one of the best ways to keep your tools safe.


Did you know that most canopies simply ‘lip’ over the tailgate? Meaning that if your tailgate is unlocked it would be very easy for someone to force your tailgate open.

HSP Tail Lock
HSP Tail Lock


Giving You a Helping Hand

What goes up must come down. The HSP Tail Assist uses a two-strut system working in perfect harmony. The first strut is designed to dampen the decline of the tailgate, so the user can let the tailgate drop without worrying and the second strut works by offsetting the weight of the tailgate when inclining, allowing an effortless lift.

Tail assist by HSP is an innovative product designed to reduce the heaviness of the tailgate. The advanced HSP Tail Assist works via a twin strut system which effortlessly dampens the drop of the tailgate reduces weight while inclining.

HSP Tailgate Assist
HSP Tailgate Assist


Carry more on your 4x4

The HSP Load Bar. A roll top cross bar rack that is perfect for snow trips with the family, a tour de neighbourhood in some excessively tight lycra, or even a perfect spot to mount the shovel for your extremely competitive sandcastle building.

The name says it all, a bar to take extra load, simple enough really.

The Load Bar is designed specifically to suit the HSP Roll R Cover.

The HSP Load Bar has a full metal frame meaning that your precious cargo *cough cough* beers on the esky *cough* are resting on a solid foundation. 

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