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Utemaster Load-Lid™

The Load-Lid™ is Australia's toughest Ute Hard Lid, rated to 200kg.


Utemasters mission is to Unleash Your Ute’s Potential™ so you can get stuff done and enjoy life’s adventures. 

Utemaster design and manufacture tough dual purpose Ute accessories that are built for work during the week and adventure after hours. Our products include the Utemaster Load-Lid™ and Centurion Canopy™. 

These products enhance the practicality of your tub area while making your Ute look great.
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Constructed with lightweight aluminium this is no ordinary Tonneau Cover. This is a Ute Hard Lid that adds style, appeal and convenience to modern-day utes.

The Load-Lid™ will enhance the practicality of your tub area. Your belongings will be safe and dry underneath the lid and any oversize or dirty items strapped to the top where you can store up to 200kgs. Whether it be a weekend trip away with the family or a full-on day at the job site, the Utemaster Load-Lid™ will Unleash Your Utes Potential™.

The Load-Lid™ is available in either a 1-piece design which maximises the useability of your tub, or the 3-piece variation which utilised your Ute’s existing Sports Bar. 

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Utemaster Centurion Canopy™

The most accessible Tub Canopy


Traditionally, Tub canopies are constructed from Fibreglass or ABS plastic. The Utemaster Centurion Canopy is constructed with Aluminium which gives it greater strength and allowed the design team at Utemaster to fix a number of inherent issues with Traditional Canopies. 

Here are some of the key features that makes this canopy so unique:

The Centurion Canopy™ features full-width doors that give you access to your gear the whole way down each side. There is no obstruction along the top edge of your tub meaning you can easily reach over and pull your gear out through the side door opening.

The Aluminium construction allows this canopy to carry much heavier loads than you ever could on a fibreglass or ABS canopy. This means you can stack it with all your gear to get stuff done and enjoy life's adventures without having to worry about it cracking or damaging your tub. With the addition of the Cantilever Roof Rack accessory, you can carry up to 200kg of gear.

Losing your tools and equipment due to a break-in is not only lost money - this can also have an impact on the time and productivity of the job you are working on. Concealed security latches mean each door is locked on both sides, making it hard to pry open.

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